Yoga Teacher Conf Logo 2022
Yoga Teacher Conf Logo 2022

Pre-Conf Workshops

at the Yoga Teacher Conf

April 22 – 24, 2022  |  Denver, CO

Attend a pre-conf workshop before the full conference starts! These are stand-alone events at the Yoga Teacher Conf.


Friday, April 22  |  9AM – 4PM  |  Hyatt Regency Aurora/Denver Conference Center


Each workshops is an additional fee of $250 to attend.*

You do NOT have to attend the full conference to attend our pre-conf workshops!


Scattered to Clarity: Get Clear On Your Yoga Business Goals

Scattered to Clarity: Get Clear On Your Yoga Business Goals

Shannon Crow & Amanda McKinney

Have lots of ideas for your yoga business but not sure where to start or how to make it all happen? This full-day workshop is designed for you to explore your big vision dreams but also to create a plan for action so the dreams become reality. Shannon Crow & Amanda McKinney have coached hundreds of yoga teachers through this process and they have come together to develop this full day workshop where you will walk away with clarity and confidence in your yoga business.

Astrology for Yoga Teachers: The Sun and Natal Charts

Astrology for Yoga Teachers: The Sun and Natal Charts

Sirena Dudgeon

Astrology is an ancient study of how stars, planets, and the cosmos travel around our solar system and influence life on Earth. Through the observation of various cycles crossing one another in our personal life and in the collective, we can tune into the patterns and influences.

There is a profound connection with Yoga as a sister “science” and many yoga teachers can tell you this just by naming off a few poses, sequences, and stories from ancient Indian texts. This workshop instructs yoga teachers about the Sun’s meaning in astrology and yoga. Learning how to combine these two will elevate the teacher and practitioner to a new dimension of self-awareness, empowerment, and energy mastery.

This workshop will teach theming to the Sun and zodiac signs including asana, pranayama, mudra, and mantra. We will go over the basics of chart reading and how the Sun effects our energies and archetypes within body, mind, and spirit. You will gain skills and insight for the practice of Svadhyaya and how to utilize these tools to develop optimal alignment with the cyclical nature of life. This workshop helps the yoga teacher align with a higher purpose of serving their students from a deeper level. Inspiration and motivation for classes!

This workshop will include discussion, interaction, and skill development by teaching your own mini Astro-class at the end of the workshop.

Each participant will receive a training manual and 6 CEUs.