Free Trainings for Yoga Teachers

Redefine the Role of Yoga Teacher – Social Justice & Leadership

It is time to expand and upgrade your job description. Explore the deeper layers of what it is to teach yoga in modern times.

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Stand Out as a Yoga Teacher

5 ways to grow your classes, connect with your students and transform your student’s lives ….without a big following or decades of experience.

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Astrology for Yoga Teachers

Create yoga sequences that align with the energy of the moon cycles.

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Teach at Yoga Events, Festivals and Conferences

I created this guide for the driven and professional yoga teacher looking to create massive impact in your community and build authentic relationships, communities, and connections.

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For Studio Owners

Get Your Teachers to Promote and Fill Their Classes

Learn how to empower your teachers so they want to promote themselves, their workshops, their classes and your studio!

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Things We Love

Podcasts, trainings, books and more that will help guide you along your yoga teacher journey.


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Why We Need A Yoga Teacher Conf

Yoga teachers need a space where we can share and explore ideas, gain new knowledge, and be our authentic selves. The Yoga Teacher Conf vibrates and resonates with the collective energy of co-creating, of support, of increasing and attracting knowledge, deeper learning, and abundance.

The Yoga Teacher Conf is for the yoga teacher who…

is ready to create a profitable business
Feels burned-out
Is searching for more clients
wants connection with others
just graduated from YTT
build their business and online presence
lost their studio teaching job
has a message to share