How do I upload Yoga Alliance Continuing Education?

A Step by Step Guide

If you’re a member of Yoga Alliance, then it’s required that you upload 10 contact and 20 non-contact Yoga Alliance Continuing Education every three years.

Here’s an easy way to upload your yoga continuing education credits.

Click here for a video walking you through these steps. https://youtu.be/-vIroHtcRGs

Step 1: Get your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate

If you took a class with a YACEP then find the certificate that the instructor is required to give you.  You’ll be required to upload this as proof of attending. Taking a picture with your phone is fine. 😉

If you did not take a class with a YACEP, it’s okay if you don’t have a certificate.

Step 2: Log in to YogaAlliance.org

Step 3: Click on “My Training Hours”

Uploading CEUs to Yoga Alliance - Step 3 - Yoga Teacher Conf

Step 4: Click “Add Training Hours”

Uploading CEUs to Yoga Alliance - Step 4 - Yoga Teacher Conf

Step 5:  Choose how you took your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education course.

IF YOU TOOK YOUR CLASS IN-PERSON WITH A YACEP (or online with a YACEP in 2020 or 2021 – Yoga Alliance allows online trainings to count as “contact hours” in 2020 & 2021 due to the pandemic).

Need Yoga Alliance Online Continuing Education hours? Join Elevate and receive up to 50 hours of online, contact hours!

Upload your course certificate, add the dates that you took the course and the name of your YACEP. 

Click Search

Hopefully, it brings up the name of your YACEP and the name of the course that you took. 

Choose the correct class and press submit.

Your YACEP will now receive an email from Yoga Alliance asking them to confirm that you actually took the class. Once they finalize, your hours will automatically be updated. 


There’s a few more steps to this process but it’s not too hard. 

First, Yoga Alliance wants to ensure that your trainer is competent and able to provide CEU’s so you’ll have to confirm that your trainer meets the following guidelines:



Someone with a relevant degree or certification plus at least 500 hours and/or 2 years of teaching experience in that category.

Enter the information of your trainer and the workshop that you took.

Choose the educational category that best represents the material covered in the training. 

Then you’re done!

Uploading your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education doesn’t have to be super hard or complicated. Yoga Alliance gives us lots of leniency to add your hours.

The most important part is that you keep up with it. It’s easy to let a few years go by and forget how much you’ve learned!  Stay on top of your hours and you’ll easily meet the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements.