4 Reasons Most Yoga Teachers Stop Teaching Yoga

(and how to guarantee you never stop)

Are you feeling:

  • Stuck in your teaching like your classes are becoming super repetitive
  • Disappointed in yourself for not keeping up with your personal practice
  • Tired of offering constant content

As yoga teachers, we love, love, love what we do.

We often care about our students so much that we agree to teach one more class or help one more client.

But without proper self-care, it’s easy to burn out and eventually stop teaching yoga.

Here are the four reasons most yoga teachers burn out and stop teaching yoga plus the solutions to ensure you teach as long as you desire!



No personal practice

Or your personal practice hasn’t changed in years!

It’s hard to teach yoga without actually practicing yoga and experiencing it in your life. And I know that it’s hard to keep a personal yoga practice when you’re teaching 15 classes/week. But you need a personal practice to stay inspired.



Take a totally different style of yoga from a brand new teacher!  If you’ve never tried Yoga Nidra, then now is the time. If you only teach Power Vinyasa, slow down with more gentle yoga. If you only teach asana, dive into one of the other 8 limbs of yoga.

The Yoga Teacher Conf gives you access to over 20 different teachers on a variety of topics from Yoga Nidra to Bhakti Yoga to Chair Yoga to Kid’s Yoga. There’s something for every yoga teacher to dive deep in their personal practice!



You’re Giving Without Receiving

Often yoga instructors give and give and give with their hearts wide open, to guide their students to ever deeper parts of themselves. They create a safe space of non-judgment where others can quietly sit with themselves and feel accepted just as they are.

Yoga instructors need safe spaces like that too.



Fill your own bucket with self-care rituals like being out in nature, more sleep, better food, bubble baths or reading a good book.

Indu Arora is speaking about Self-Care for Yoga Teachers at the Yoga Teacher Conf. You’ll leave her session learning:

  • Three self-care practices for your heart, breath, and body to start each day
  • Ahimsa Meditation with the breath
  • How to befriend your mind in turbulent times with Mantra for self-care and universal healing

It’s important to take time for yourself fellow teacher. Developing a good self-care ritual will help ensure you teach for years to come!



You’re not making any money

Is teaching yoga a hobby for you or a profession? Some teachers don’t want to make money and that’s okay.

But many teachers want to help inspire others full-time.



Sit down and figure out your finances. How much money do you spend on your business each money? How much do you need to make on your business each month? Work to find balance in your finances then put together a business place to help you achieve your goals.

Feeling overwhelmed? Join the Yoga Teacher Conf and learn how you can create a sustainable yoga business with these classes:



You lose your sense of curiosity

Teachers often love to learn and when you lose your sense of curiosity, you may forget why you teach and your own self-growth and self-inquiry may come to a halt.

It’s easy to lose your way on your teaching journey when you quit learning and growing as a yogi and as a yoga teacher.



You need a place to connect with other like-minded yoga teachers that can draw out this sense of curiosity. A place where you can ask questions and dive into the deeper layers of yoga.

If you want to teach yoga for years to come, then you need TWO things:




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